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It is vital to learn based on what you've designed and built.  This iteration of the homepage allowed us to focus on the brand and elevating the content.

DICK's Sporting Goods Iteration

Product Transformation: Loop Through

A Product Lifecycle is healthy for any product to avoid becoming stale, for research to be updated and to make sure that all customers are receiving the very best experience they can.

Our team built off of the research that we had collected through our first round of research and built upon that.  Once our new homepage went live, we interviewed customers about what they liked/didn't like.  We looked at our analytics.  We watched videos to see how customers interacted with the page.

From there, we interviewed our stakeholders to see what their hardest issues were and built a new iteration that is currently in testing.

To see what we are currently testing, check here for the desktop prototype and here for the mobile one.

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