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Using lifestyle imagery helps with conversion for women's products

Product Selection Page

Product Transformation: Go Go Go!

The Product Selection Page (or 'PDP') was one of the first product teams funded at Dick's Sporting Goods.  I started as a product designer on this team after they had just finished doing their first round of research.  For me, I was joining to help generate solutions and to move this new page into production quickly.

Some of the major issues on the original page were massive technical debts: it wasn't responsive, it could take over a minute to load the page and the content was incredibly dense.  We knew we needed to fix these issues to help increase business value right off of the bat.  So while our engineers devoted time to that, the second designer and I went to work on a new layout, new features and new ideas.


New layout vs old layout

Product Transformation: Feature Designs

New features and interactions elevate the PDP and keep dense content organized.  A new feature that we are testing is a side panel for deeper journeys before purchasing such as ratings and reviews or the details that come with a product.  You can interact with our new page here: Nike Women's Air Max 270 Shoes.

Currently the new layout is on the Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream websites for all products.  We are rolling onto Dick's Sporting Goods as our cloud based platforms continue to grow.

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