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Our team working through the flow of a custom CMS

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The first version of the CMS

Custom Content Management System

Product Transformation: We Found the Problems, Now Let's Solve Them!

As we started to find the problems with the DICK's Sporting Goods homepage, we began to realize that the problems stemmed internally as well as what we were showing our customers.

One of the largest issues was that as a company we were creating custom html and css per homepage.  In our busier seasons, this could mean several homepages were created per day.  This did not make business sense to continue this way.

It also didn't make the flow of the page consistent.  A lot of times the content was rushed and the page was not responsive.  Frequently, the experience was slow due to excess code and off-brand.

Product Transformation: Create the Solution

To fix these issues, our team created a custom Content Management System.  We built templates for our customers that proved to be successful and began helping our stakeholders redesign their process.  

Before our system, it took an entire business day to design and build one homepage.  Now, it takes only minutes.

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